Miss America

"Miss American" as Lucy says.  Best. Day. Ever.

Today 3 Pageant queens, the LeBonheur Foundation and Lucy's school gathered to let her know that she has been chosen at the Children's Miracle Network Champion Child for the state of Tennessee.  It is a huge honor and we are so proud that she was chosen.  I know all to well that there are so many miracle stories all around the nation and for hers to be recognized makes our family very proud.

I don't know all the details yet but there will be some media appearances, including a trip to Washington, DC.  The most exciting part for Lucy is that she will get to go to Disneyworld!  Oh my goodness she is so excited.

The most precious part about today was that she wore her Princess sash all day long.  She even wore it to church tonight and told everyone she was "Miss American."  For a little girl who was once obsessed with Buzz Lightyear, she sure has found her feminine side.  I just love her!

On another note, Jack has finally started showing an interest in "learning."  He can handle a pair of scissors like a champ and he has been all about the letter P this week at school. He makes me laugh a million times and day.

And not to be totally remiss, Ella was awarded one of the lead roles in the school Spring musical.  I am a super proud Momma tonight!

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