A Spot of Tea

We were privileged to attend a really special fund raiser for LeBoneheur Children's Hospital the other weekend.  It was our second year to attend and we are already looking forward to next year.  The GenerosiTEA party is all about little girls...Lucy's "cup of tea" these days.  (pun intended)

We took several friends from Lucy's class as our guests and these kiddos kept me laughing and smiling all day long.  It thrills my soul to the very core when I see Lucy having fun with children her age.  Social interactions are still sometimes hard for her but she is definitely starting to come out of her shell.

(the big glasses were a hit this year in the photo booth.)

I know the little girls had a great time and I think its safe to say that the big girls had just as much fun.  It's always nice getting to spend time with other mothers on a Saturday afternoon.

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