What a Weekend

Oh, my!  What an amazing weekend it's been!  Friday night started with swimming for Erik and the girls and then a slumber party for Ella.  Jack and I stayed at the school until around 8:30 setting up for our annual spaghetti dinner and auction.  Saturday morning brought a real, grown-up photo shoot for me followed by the spaghetti dinner and then clean up.  I was moving at 7:00am Saturday morning and finally stopped at 10:00pm.  Talk about being exhausted!

This morning was church---wow---followed by a shower for my future sister-in-law, second church service and then a school board meeting.  Major things are happening in the life of our church and school.  If you are local I highly recommend that you join us this week at 6:30pm at First Baptist for the Prophecy Conference that we are hosting.  This morning and tonight we had the pleasure of listening to Rabbi Greg Hershberg, a Messianic Jew who has been blessed by God with the gift of evangelism.  He was amazing.  He has a YouTube site where you can go and listen to his sermons.  I could have seriously stayed and listen to his speak for hours.

As I sat and soaked up every single word he spoke I was so convicted about what I am doing with my life.  God has given me, through Lucy's illness, an incredible opportunity to minister to so many lost souls.  There is nothing more important in my life than what I do for my God.  Am I blowing that opportunity every day?  I have made it my fervent prayer that God would use me and this blog to witness to families who are hurting due to a cancer diagnosis or other childhood illness but I also pray that those who may not know Christ would come to know Him.

Tonight we learned about God and His promises to Israel (and by adoption the rest of us Christians) and I am just blown away.  I am more convinced tonight than I ever have been that God is awesome, God is in total control and the God is coming back.  I pray every day for the rapture.  I am ready to leave this world and all the pain and suffering that it holds behind.  Our choir sang about heaven tonight and that the lame would run on the streets of gold.  All I could think about was my Lucy who can't run now---but one day.  Oh, one day soon!!!

Seriously, come join us tomorrow through Wednesday at FBC.  God is moving and I promise you don't want to miss it!

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