Being a Mom

My friend, Emily, has recently run a series on Moms and I am honored that she asked me to participate. Being in front of the camera is an awkward place for me, so I was obviously uncomfortable having my picture made.  I never know how to smile correctly…I always look as if I am sniffing a rotten egg!

Bad picture aside, I feel very unworthy to be a part of the wonderful group of ladies that were chosen for this project.  Being a mother is the hardest, most challenging job I have ever had.  Most days I feel as if I fail miserably.  I yell too much, my house is usually a wreck and most mornings I'm digging uniforms out of the dirty laundry!

But some days….some days….I get it right.  I wake up a few minutes early, make breakfast, actually find clean clothes and make it out of the door for school without yelling.  But most importantly, I never, ever, forget to tell my children I love them.  I am so blessed to be a mother.  It is my greatest accomplishment.  ds
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