Beach Bound!

Well we made it!  Me, my three kiddos, a friend and her daughter. Quite possibly the best 10 hours of traveling ever. The kids were amazing...especially Jack!  I'm sure blessed with some wonderfully tempered children.  

It only took about 3 minutes upon arrival for the kids to hit the water. The weather is nice but it's windy and the ocean is showing it's temperament today. 

These two are perfectly content to be in the pool. I love how they play together so make my heart happy. 

I've said it before but Ella is a beach bum at heart and should really live by the ocean. The salt water is like nourishment to her soul. 

I'm going to miss my husband this week and I am so very grateful for his hard work and willingness to let's go off with the kids on fun trips. I really do love him to pieces. 

Warning: gratuitous eye candy picture. Doesn't Erik look great?  He's been working hard on his summer "bod" and he's rocking it!