A Reason to Smile

The foundation that we have created in honor of Lucy has really been on my mind a lot lately.  There is no doubt in my mind that God laid this on mine and Erik's heart with a purpose.  I've said it before but we know too much not to share our blessings with others going through similar situations as our family.

This fall I am backing away from a lot of outside commitments.  My family is coming first and then I am focusing on the Foundation.  I really feel as if now is the time to get serious about the work that we can do.  Not that we haven't been serious before; $120,000 raised is not anything to scoff at.  It's just that now is the time to make some big things happen and you can help!

Do you shop on Amazon?  If you do, please start your shopping by going HERE.  Now you ladies have a great reason to shop.  Just tell your husband you are just doing your part to support the Go Lucy Gp Foundation!

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