Fireworks and Family

So, if you haven't noticed my little blog has gotten a makeover.  Don't you just love it?  Well, I do.  This summer has been about de-cluttering and simplifying our lives.  I thought the same would be good for my journal--you know the place I come to unwind.

Our July the 4th consisted of an amazing weekend at the lake with my family.  We took my nieces and my sister and brother-in-law and met up with my brother, sister, their spouses and my parents.  We had an amazing time but I would be remiss by not scything that my grandparents were missed.  My grandfather used to always cook fish and BBQ for us during this holiday weekend.  Since he's been gone my grandmother just can't go to the cabin.  It's filled with too many memories--to many years of best friends fishing.

The weekend was full of tubing, skiing, fishing and laughing with abandon.  Erik and I even wiped off the cobwebs and showed the girls what real skiing is all about!  I'm no pro, but my kids think I'm the best skier in the world.  I just love the way they boost my self esteem.  Ha!  Jack even caught his first fish this weekend.

I wish I had pictures of Jack and his fish.  I have never seen a more excited or proud child in all of my life.  I took pictures with my phone, which unfortunately met its demise when Jack helped said phone find the water.  It was purely an accident but it broke my heart.  I hadn't updated pictures since before our vacation.  I lost a lot of good ones.

My mom took this picture of Jack and me to prove that I was actually at the lake.  I'm always behind the camera so I'm never in pictures.  I don't mind though.  I'm really not photogenic and my kids really are.  Works out just fine to me!

My sister my kill me but I had to post this picture.  She is a nut.  Seriously, I think something is wrong with her.  Just kidding sis.  I love you to pieces!

Scans are in 2 days.  Nerves are on edge and my stomach is staying in knots.  Your prayers are appreciated.