In Need of a Routine

Jack listening to the Frozen soundtrack as I try to catch a few more minutes of sleep at 6:30 am.  

This summer has been the best summer of my adult life.  We have traveled, we have swam, we have played in the yard and we have fished.  We have stayed up late, we have slept in (sort of) and have completely thrown our schedule out of the door.  The only mandatory things that we have had to work around have been tutoring and physical therapy.  Those aren't really negotiable.

It's been an AMAZING summer.'s the end of July and the beginning of school is just 14 days away.  Why is it that I can't help in a small, tiny way to be excited?  It's not that I want my kids to be away from me.  I actually love my kids being home.  I love all their friends being over too.  The more children in my house the happier I am.  Often times I get lonely when the kiddos are gone to school.  Upon some recent self-reflection I have decided that it's the schedule--the routine--that I miss.  Please tell me I'm not the only Mom who feels this way.  I'm a good Mom, really I am.

I will always remember this summer as the first after Lucy got sick that we actually started living again.  Throwing caution to the wind hasn't even been an option the past 3 summers.  This summer, however, was about enjoying what every day had to bring; watching Lucy swim, Jack collecting large amounts of bugs and Ella growing into a young lady with her friends.  I will remember this summer as the time I just let things go.

2 months of care-free living is just about enough though, right?  Bring on the routine and schedule.  I'm least until next summer!