Sweaters in July

**Thank you all for the kind words after Lucy's scan report.  It is still overwhelming and encouraging to know that there are still so many people who still pray and care for her and our family.  Lucy will need to be free of cancer for 5 years before she is officially in remission.**

There's a Polar Vortex cruising through our neck of the woods.  We have had amazing weather...low 80's during the day and 60's at night.  We were outside all night last night and tonight savoring every single moment.  The 10 day forecast looks equally as nice with the temps never getting out of the 80's.  I don't know if I have ever lived through a more pleasant July in the South.  

Yes, you are welcome for the weather analysis.  I know you are appreciative.  

What do you do in beautiful weather?  We love to slip and slide with our neighbors.  

Then, we like to build a model of the Mississippi River through the back yard.  We actually build such a wonderful river that it comes back every single time it rains!

I love these kids but sometimes I just have to shake my head.  These are the memories that we will have forever.