Photo Backlog

I've said it so many times before but I am so very behind in posting pictures.  I hate the feeling of constantly lagging behind.  Not that I want anyone else to see them, but because I love to publish this blog every year as a journal.

I am also really behind on printing pictures.  Do you ever worry that this digital age we live in will one day leave a whole generation of children with no hard copies of their pictures? I love looking back at the thousands of pictures my mom and dad have of our family throughout the years.  The problem is I have pictures on my phone, pictures on my computer, my camera, my external hard drive.  How in the world do I start?  Not to mention the cost!  I'm thinking of coming up with a picture printing schedule where I would print a group of pictures once a month.  Have any of you done this?  Do you have a process?  Which photo printing service do you use?

Here are some of said photos...Hilton Head 2014: