It's September...Go Gold

Is it just because we have a front row seat to the nightmare known as pediatric cancer or does it seem to be an epidemic?  I swear I am hearing of a new child almost weekly being diagnosed with cancer.  I don't understand nor can I even begin to wrap my head around the situation.  Is it the environment?  Is it what we put in our bodies in the form of drinks and food?  I fear it may be a little of all of it combined.  

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  More than 263,000 children will be diagnosed with some form of cancer this year alone.  This has got to stop.  Federal funding of pediatric cancer research is a joke and most treatment options remain as harmful as the cancer itself.  We've got to put an end to this nasty, horrible disease.  

Everyday approximately 250 kids worldwide die from cancer.  This can no longer be acceptable.  

What can we do?  For starters, you can pray.  Pray for the children fighting, the parents supporting and the doctors who are searching for treatments and cures.  Second you can raise awareness by going gold this month.  Change you FB profile, post on Instagram, share on your blog or just wear gold.  Writing about it won't cure cancer, but the more awareness we can raise the greater emphasis will be placed on research.  This is VITAL to the lives of our children.  

Third, find a reputable charity and donate to them.  Make sure you do your research and that the majority of the money is going to actual research or support/awareness, not administrative fees.  Together we can make a difference.  Our family lives this life everyday and we are committed to seeing this nightmare come to an end.  

Would you please join us?  If you post to FB or Instagram, please use the hashtag #gogoldinseptember and #golucygo.