Happy to Report...

I'm very happy to report that everyone in the Krull house is doing well.  Tonight Erik and I gave our testimony to our church and we did it with only a few tears.  I don't know if it will ever be easy to tell Lucy's story but I feel honored each time we are asked.  We did a question and answer interview and I really liked that format.  It allowed me to tell the story without chasing too many rabbits.  Because you all know, there were lots of rabbit holes along the way.  

We all made it through last week, surviving one of my least favorite holidays of them all. I know some people just love it but Halloween just gives me a headache.  I will say, though, that my kids were adorable!

Ella chose her own costume, which was a graffiti girl.  Don't ask...I don't know.  She found it, wanted it and loved it (and looked beautiful!)  Lucy was the most beautiful Anna in all the world and Jack was just a hot mess.  His church costume was the Transformer, Bumblebee.  His Halloween night costume was a "dost," or a ghost to the rest of us.  The ghost costume was a $4.97 costume I found at Wal-Mart that was just awful.  I tried to convince him to buy any costume but the ghost but he had his mind made up.  That boy is going to do me in, I promise!

During all of this Halloween chaos, Ella was inducted into our school's inaugural Junior Honor Society.  I am beyond proud of Ella and the children who were chosen for this wonderful honor.  Being a small, start-up school has had its challenges, but its so rewarding when all of this hard work and dedication starts paying off.  (I have pictures of this but I can't upload them tonight for some reason.)

To cap the week off Erik and I received an amazing surprise.  The Go Lucy Go Foundation was awarded a $20,000 grant from Valero (oil refinery.)  We knew that we were chosen as one of 20 charities in Memphis to received a grant but we never dreamed it would be such a large amount.  We are honored and excited to put this money to good use.  God continues to bless our efforts with the Foundation and we are eternally grateful.