Out Nation's Capital

Tonight I'm posting from my phone on protest. We are staying in on of the nicest hotels in Washington, DC and there is no free wi-fi. I've stayed at Holiday Inn Expresses all over the country with free internet so I refuse to pay $16 a day for it now. I know I'm being stubborn but Id rather save my money for Disney!

Lucy is here for the Children's Miracle Network Hospital's Champion trip. She is representing Tennessee on this once in a lifetime trip. We came up early on Friday to spend time with Erik's sister who lives just minutes away. We have had an amazing weekend, craming in every museum and memorial we could. 

Tomorrow, Lucy and I get to go the White House to meet the First Lady. Whatever your policital preference, this is an amazing opportunity. I'll be sure to post pictures (if we are allowed to take pictures.)

Today we really focused on the war memorials. My children have never had to live through a war that actually affected their lives. Erik and I tried really hard to tell them about each war and what it meant to our country. I think the Vietnam Memorial had the greatest impact on Ella. There were grown men and women who were in tears as they looked at their loved ones names. It was a very moving experience. 

I'll continue to post as the week goes on. It's going to be a whirlwind adventure but we are so excited and ready!